Self Portrait

“Self Portrait” 8″X10″ woodcut.

Charles L. Baruffi, a Chicago artist with over a decade of experience working with a myriad of programs and their subsequent versions including the entire Adobe suite; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premier, Flash, Dream Weaver as well as 3D programs like Maya, Z Brush, 3Ds Max and Lightwave. I incorporate a passion for tradition and a solid foundation in fine arts coupled with an understanding of current digital media to produce innovative aesthetic solutions. My studies in anatomy and figure drawing complement my work in character animation and 3-D modeling. A background in painting and illustration transition to clever graphic design, composition and layout. A keen eye and steady hand lead to my proficiency as a draftsman proving beneficial from initial sketches and concept work all the way through production development. What sets me apart is my ability to utilize modern design principals in concert with somewhat antiquated techniques to produce original, dynamic and timeless appeal.

Please check out the links above to view my work and resume.

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