The above link takes you to a simple FPS style game I put together in a weekend. I plan on adding more zombies and giving it a more complete feel, but was happy enough with the progress to post the test version. Simple but gratifying. Feel free to take out a few zombies, and check back for updates.

I put this video together for the guys at Action Shooting Sports LLC. I really enjoyed animating the logo I created for them and happy overall with the final product – they were happy as well, so there will be more to come from this partnership. Special thanks to Matt Sauro for his sound design.

These are a few recent videos I did all video post production on. They were produced by our great team at Common Wall Productions for musician Dan Tedesco.

This is my most current demo reel. (sound)

Here is a Logo I created for a small production company. Designed in Illustrator, animated in After Effects.

This animation commissioned by Aritonnic was modeled, animated and rendered in Maya.

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