Graphic Design

This is the most recent flyer I did for Blasted Heath to promote their EP release show. It was created in Adobe Illustrator and given an old worn out feel using Photoshop.
CandC3I was asked to create a logo that would produce brand awareness for a new start-up company. I decided to go with a classy vintage feel. The inspiration was from old cigarette packaging. I am very happy with the outcome, and so were they.


I created this flyer in Adobe Illustrator for a music event to support Chicago Public Schools. It helped foster an awareness of the severe budget cuts our schools are faced with, while showcasing local talent.

Action Shooting Sports LLC

Here is a logo I created to better promote a sporting club. I illustrated the character and set the type in such a way as to give the feel of action and no-nonsense. I feel it exemplifies their commitment to safety first in training and during events.

The following four pieces are examples of band posters I have done. Being a musician myself, it’s no wonder that designing flyers for local bands would be among my favorite gigs. Not only do I get the freedom to explore different techniques and styles, I get to help promote other artists in Chicago’s indie music scene.

Created in Adobe Photoshop.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.

This flyer really got the event started on the right foot. I wanted to create a sense of unpretentious, unapologetic fun. I used a bold and simplistic mid-century graphic style in hopes it would help get people on the dance floor.

Mixed media.

“Bury Me Not” promotional material for a graphic novel in the works. Mixed media.

Sidebar interface designed for Mixed media.

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