“I’ll never get out of this world alive”
Acrylic on wood panel.


I just finished this painting, Its my second commissioned portrait of Spock… maybe I finally found my niche. Acrylic on wood panel.

Logo for my band "Blasted Heath". Hand drawn, colored in Photoshop.

Although most of my projects start with pencil on paper, this one really relied on my skills as a draftsman. The Logo project was for a very interesting band that blends old-time, rustic music with rock and roll, and placed it in a more modern indi-rock setting. I wanted to give it a sketchy, rustic look, while keeping a sort of grand, cosmic, timeless feel. It really stands out and demands attention.


I found that my style lends it self well to custom cards – Greeting cards, Invitations, announcements, etc.. This is one of my favorite holiday cards I created. It gives a real intimate, unique, and personal way to say Happy Holidays.


“the head of CTHULHU!” graphite/digital.

space_girl_FINAL“Beehives in Space” mixed media.

“Elvis Lives” mixed media

sculluminatieyeconagraphitti“sculluminatieyeconagraphitti” spray paint/mixed media on cardboard.


“untitled” pen & ink/screen-tone.

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